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From Yelp:

“Judy’s positive energy will make you feel very relaxed. Do not hesitate to go see her. Drag yourself if need be, like I did! I went in for depression and she soon realized I was different. She did not give up on me. Judy kept digging and found out I had high levels of mercury in me. Then she went out of her way to get me the info I needed on ridding myself of the toxic metal. She also answered every crying and crazy call or text. I really felt loved and cared about. Thank you Judy!!”- Vicki H.

“My life did a complete 180 the day I met Judy. As someone who has suffered from depression for as long as I can remember, Judy’s natural solutions for depression are unparalleled. Her holistic approach to nutrition, supplementation versus medications has changed my life. I’ve been seeing Judy for about eight months now and I’ve got to say that I don’t ever remember feeling as good as I do now. Thanks to Judy Meyer!” -Pam M.

“I found Judy by chance on the meetup website because her group was suggested to me based on my interests, and I am so glad I found her! She helps people find alternative ways to get help with depression and other emotional disorders through the use of vitamins, amino acids and good nutrition. I’ve been on medications for various emotional disorders most of my life mainly because like most people, I didn’t know their were alternatives because unfortunately it’s not discussed in the medical field. I was desperately looking for alternatives because I was tired of dealing with the side effects of meds and didn’t want to be on more than I was already taking. Judy introduced me to a whole new world of natural vitamins and amino acids that have not only helped me mentally, but have been able to help me within the same day of taking them instead of waiting sometimes weeks like with many medications out there. I have never felt this kind of relief and mental well being this easily and quickly until I met Judy. She truly is a helpful and caring person that is extremely passionate about showing people that their are other ways to get help and feel much better about life in general. You don’t have to suffer anymore. You don’t have to just accept that this is the way life has to be anymore. Believe me, I went through life for far too long thinking that the unnecessarily negative thoughts and feelings of sadness were just a part of life. It doesn’t have to be like that if you are suffering from depression or other feelings that are negatively affecting your life. Anyone who feels they are dealing with thoughts or feelings that are holding them down in life would do themselves a huge favor by meeting Judy. I am incredibly grateful for the help she has given me!” -Steve E.

“I can’t thank Judy enough for how amazing I feel now. I met Judy when I was feeling mentally low energy, low motivation and drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day! Unfortunately, the amount of coffee and rest still did not help. I had no idea how my life would change after having a consultation. She advised me towards an amino acid and literally the next day I woke up naturally! I felt refreshed & energized!! Since then, I have had ZERO coffee OR the craving for it!!!!! It is quite shocking to me since I have been dependent on coffee to get me through the day. I have never felt better on so many levels! I call her the Miracle worker. She has really been blessing of information. Her coaching and guidance is so genuine and loving that you can’t help but feel safe and comfortable. I truly can’t stop telling people about her!! If you know someone in pain on any level of mental, physical or spiritually, please tell people about her!” -Danielle S.

“I’m officially a fan of Judy. When she did my energy healing, I got measurable relief from my key issue: anxiety. Judy’s voice and disposition were soothing and restorative, and the process of her healing practice gave me the peace of mind I was looking for. My anxiety issue was related mostly to driving; I had been in a car accident and suffered PTSD. After my treatment with Judy, I drove to Los Angeles, and I went 3 hours there and 4,5 hours back with very little discomfort, a huge improvement for me. In addition, Judy’s office space is easily located on Adams Avenue, and parking was available to me as a client, which was particularly valuable as I have parking anxiety as well. I have every intention of going back to Judy for refreshers. I trust her, and I know I will feel better as I continue to work with her.” -Wendy M.

From Thumbtack:

“She is truly a miracle healer. Her work is quick and immediate results can be seen and felt. She really helped me pushed past my eating disorder obsession and I’m in a place I never know possible for myself. I try to go to her anytime I’m feeling off about anything because she’ll take the bad energies right off of me!” -Jasmine C.

“It was a privilege to meet with Judy. She is one of the most humble, genuine and kind persons I have ever met. Before she begins the healing process she makes sure to give you information about her approach, her background and also gets to know you. This helped me feel very comfortable. Ultimately, I experienced healing and relief in one session from hip pain that the chiropractor could not fix in 6 months. And even beyond that she helped uncover, process and begin to let go of some emotional struggles attached to my physical pain. Judy truly has a gift.” -Nicole C.

“Judy is a healer through and through! I went in to see her for my very challenging depressive episodes. They were not so major, but in the past I had been on medication, and ever since I had gotten off medication, I still had difficulty with my depressive swings (lasting days). After meeting with Judy – just once! – She got to know me really well (I really appreciated her thorough intake process) and was able to offer me support through energy healing and vitamins/minerals/supplements to start taking. I had NO IDEA one thing was related to another! I had NO IDEA that taking these amino acids and vitamins would have such an effect on me! I decided to give them a month trial and see if there was any effect. I found that my depressive swings started lasting so much less time…instead of days it was a couple of hours at most. I was able to pull myself out without as much struggle as I had previously experienced for so long. It feels like magic! That’s all I can say about that 🙂 Judy, you are a gift to this world! Thank you so much for the healing you do. Much appreciation and gratitude” -Dori Z.