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How to PREVENT Depression and Anxiety

In my holistic mental health practice, I have been seeing a lot of teenagers struggling with depression and anxiety. This post is for parents who might be concerned about their family history of mental illness and are wondering what preventative measures they can take to help their children avoid depression and anxiety. Continue reading

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No Magic Pill?

I think there IS a magic pill. In fact, there could be several! It really just depends on your individual genetics and the nutrients that your body needs. Continue reading

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Another non-invasive diagnostic tool I recommend to clients is a hair tissue mineral analysis. This test can provide valuable information about your levels of nutrients. It also provides feedback on toxic metals that may be accumulating in your body. Continue reading

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Vitamin D, gut health, and depression

Depression is not a one-size-fits all thing. There’s no one cause and there’s no one solution. Everyone has personalized needs. Continue reading

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Hitting A Brick Wall Can Be a Blessing

Along my journey to alleviate my depression without pharmaceuticals, I have run into many roadblocks. In retrospect, each challenge was important to identify what worked and didn’t work for me. Continue reading

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