Margot Kidder’s Alternative Approach to Bipolar

Yesterday, I had a subscriber to my Instagram account assert that because she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, that she absolutely required medication, and that no nutrients would alleviate the symptoms she experienced.

I knew from experience that many people with bipolar have been helped using nutrient therapy. I cited this excellent article by Superman actress Margot Kidder. In the full article, Margot details the exact vitamins, minerals and amino acids she takes to manage her bipolar without medication.


From the article:

Actress Margot Kidder, well-known for her extensive screen career, including her performance as Lois Lane in Superman, has been a powerful spokesperson for alternative mental health treatments after a personal recovery from mood swings that are commonly referred to as bipolar disorder. Ms. Kidder sent the following information, based on her successful experience with nutrient therapy.

Coincidentally, I learned today that Margot Kidder has passed, and wanted to take this opportunity to honor her important voice in advocating for alternative mental health.

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