ZERO Deaths from Supplements

People are sometimes reluctant to try vitamins and supplements because they worry about side effects or possible interactions. But here’s the real truth:

The most recent information from U.S. National Poison Data System shows that there have been no deaths reported from any vitamin, mineral or amino acid. Ever.

In stark contrast, it’s been reported that approximately 100,000 people die every year from pharmaceuticals taken as prescribed. That’s approximately 270 people per day.

Why is this stunning statistic not being widely reported?

The answer is that pharmaceutical companies are powerful and their pockets are deep. They have money to advertise. They have money to lobby congress. They have money to hire the best lawyers and pay people off to be silent about the dangers of their products. Because they have money, they also have power to intimidate, influence and corrupt the media.

Having worked in the medical publishing business for years, I’ve seen first-hand the lengths pharmaceutical companies will go through to promote their product and protect their revenues.

But even more important than the negative aspect of this story is the positive one. There is something we can all do take back our health. We can add vitamins and amino acids to our health program knowing that the dangers that the media sometimes reports are simply not there.



Featured image by Simon Zirkunow

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