Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

I recently completed a liver/gallbladder cleanse for the second time, and I wanted to share my experience. The first time I did this was about a year ago, and I had great results: my energy increased, my skin and eyes became clearer, and I felt great!

One of the pieces of my depression puzzle (there are several) is that I have a mutation of the MTHFR gene. This means that I do not get rid of toxins as well as I should. Therefore, anytime I can assist my body to eliminate toxins faster, I feel much better.

The recipe I follow for my liver cleanse comes from The Detox Book, 3e by Bruce Fife, ND. I absolutely love this book and highly recommend it. It has many different recipes and specific techniques to help eliminate toxins.

The ingredients needed for the cleanse are: olive oil, fresh grapefruit, epsom salt, and l-ornithine capsules. The protocol has 6 steps, and includes detailed instructions. There is a similar recipe here, but it’s not exactly the same as the recipe in the book.

The good news is that if you follow the directions carefully, there is no pain involved and the stones are dislodged and eliminated without much trouble.

However, I have found two minor drawbacks to the cleanse:

1. I tend to get grumpy if I don’t eat and I find it challenging to fast for two meals (dinner one night and breakfast the next day.). However, the results are well worth this brief discomfort of feeling hungry. 2. The other challenge for me is drinking the bad-tasting epsom salt and water concoction. To help get it down, I make the doses all at one time so the salt dissolves in the water, and I keep it cold in the refrigerator. When I drink it, I use a straw and plug my nose. Again, a minor temporary discomfort and well worth the results of long-term increased energy.

The next day is spent mostly on the toilet as a result of the epsom salt, which has a laxative effect. The first time I did the cleanse, I passed hundreds of small pea-sized stones and a few slightly larger ones. The stones are green and they float, so they are easily recognized. This time, I ended up passing 7-10 stones the size of a thumbnail, and maybe 50 or so smaller stones. They looked similar to the ones in this photo:

Photo courtesy of OrgonSi via Flickr

Photo courtesy of OrgonSi via Flickr

It amazes me to think about these stones plugging up the ducts of my body. Some skeptics do not think these are gallstones for various reasons, but all I can think is that I’d rather have these stones out of me rather than lodged in my body!

The day after the cleanse, I did my best to rest and take it easy so that my kidneys and liver could mop up any excess toxins that were floating around after being dislodged. I drank lots of water and ate mostly fruits and vegetables.

The next few days, I felt fantastic! I ended up taking two walks in one day, totaling 7 miles. I also did all the chores I’d been putting off for a few days, including the dishes and laundry. When I breeze through doing the dishes, I know I must be feeling good!

If you’re interested in more information, there is a great Facebook group that discusses recipes, success stories, and cautions.

Have you tried a liver cleanse? How did it make you feel? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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