Withdrawl from Psych Meds

There are several Facebook groups to support people who are withdrawing from psychiatric medications. It breaks my heart to read posts describing the immense suffering these folks are going through as they taper off their medicines. Generally, people are struggling through months and even years of pain and symptoms, even after they stop taking medications. When they decide to get off meds (or their failing liver function mandates it), they not only have the original symptoms to deal with, but they also have a variety of other problems that were caused by taking the medication. It’s really awful.

If you’re on medication, please know that I’m not judging you. I have taken medication myself and I understand why people start taking it. I think people should be commended for bravely reaching out to seek help and save their own lives. This takes HUGE courage.

The trouble is, media campaigns about mental health tell us that taking medication is our best option. Rarely are patients given realistic information about side effects and long-term implications of psychiatric medication. Neither are they given useful information about vitamins or amino acids. I think if given the choice, most people would choose to take vitamins over a pharmaceutical drug. But there are several factors involved, including 1. what insurance will pay for, and 2. a lack of awareness that mental health can be improved and often reversed simply by taking a few targeted nutrients.

When I was on medication, I knew that the doctors were playing a guessing game and didn’t really know how to help me, even though they wanted to. I definitely knew that my body wasn’t suffering from a lack of pharmaceuticals. I instinctively felt the problem went deeper.

I guess what it boils down to is this: If you’re not already on medication, please do diligent research before you start taking it. Read books on natural health, join forums, seek out alternative health practitioners. If you aren’t in a healthy place to do this, enlist someone to help you. There ARE resources out there, but sadly, no one is really talking about effective natural solutions for depression and anxiety.

If you are interested in starting the process to get off medications, Beyond Meds has a great posting which lists lots of fantastic information and useful tools. Please consider supplementing with nutrients that your body needs if you are going to undertake this transition. This will help ease the process and save a lot of needless suffering. Please note that you should talk to your doctor before beginning a tapering program. Never just quit “cold turkey,” as this could put your life in danger.

A fantastic film on YouTube called “Death by Medicine” addresses this subject. It features a woman who is going through withdrawals of her psych medications a year after stopping taking medications. It’s lengthy but well worth your time.

It is my ardent hope that someday soon, people will come to know that mental health issues can be effectively addressed and corrected using nutrients tailored to their specific biochemistry.

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