No Magic Pill?


This type of meme makes its rounds occasionally, especially in anti-pharmaceutical or fitness threads. Whenever I see it, my immediate reaction is: YES, THERE IS!

Of course, the implied message is that there’s no magic pharmaceutical pill that will solve one’s problems. And I do agree with that. Because let’s face it, no one is suffering from a lack of pharmaceuticals.

But when I look back and think about some of the key vitamins and nutrients I’ve taken, sometimes it feels like they ARE magic pills. This is because my body really needed those specific nutrients.

For example, when I first took l-methylfolate (the bio-available form of folic acid), I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt. I ran around telling everyone I knew that I finally knew what it felt like to feel “normal.” I was calm. I was at ease. I was happy for no apparent reason. It was such a welcome and surprising change from wanting to cry for no reason.

Another vitamin that made me feel magical when I first took it was ADB12. I had been taking other forms of B-12, but those were making me feel worse. The first day I took the ADB12, I felt like I could climb any mountain. I felt like superwoman, with the motivation to get everything on my to-do list finished.

When I first tried Tyrosine and DLPA (amino acids), I felt the same type of feelings. I no longer needed coffee in the morning to get me going. I would take these in the morning upon awakening and would feel a sense of peace within a few minutes.

One of my rules of thumb is that when a vitamin or mineral makes you feel this way right from the start, it is a good sign. It means your body really needed that particular nutrient, and was thirsty for it.

Over time, I have found that I usually don’t need as much of a nutrient as when I first started taking it.  I usually end up taking nutrients every other day (or every third day). The feelings of euphoria that I got right away from my “magic” pills tends to fade as my body becomes accustomed to that nutrient.

So, not only do I think there IS a magic pill, I think there could be several! It really just depends on your individual genetics and the nutrients that your body is craving.

What vitamins, minerals or supplements have made you feel amazing when you first started taking them?

Note: Please consult your doctor or holistic health practitioner before starting a nutritional program, especially if you are currently taking medications. Some nutrients may counteract or interfere with your medications. The nutrients listed above may not be appropriate for your particular situation.

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