Advice About Taking Supplements

Some of the best advice I ever received was from Dr. Carol Savage, who moderates the MTHFR Gene Mutation group on Facebook. She is, quite simply, an angel to so many people who are struggling to understand the complicated topics of epigenetics and individual biochemistry.

At the time, I had just started to supplement with methylfolate, B-12 and a variety of other co-factors. I knew I was on the right track, but some days I felt worse than when I started. I explained my situation to Dr. Savage and she suggested that I may feel better if I didn’t take all my supplements everyday. This was a real shocker to me! I had never even considered it. However, it made sense. Because the new supplements were jump-starting my dormant methylation cycle, things were starting to shift in my body. I was now releasing more toxins and perhaps my liver and kidneys were becoming overloaded.

The next day, I split my supplements into alternating days and immediately noticed a big change in how I felt. It turned out that I was simply rushing the process a bit too much and needed to take it a little slower. Go figure!


Photography: meaduva

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5 Responses to Advice About Taking Supplements

  1. bodyinflamed says:

    Great idea! I know to space out my supplements, but I wouldn’t have thought to space them out days apart.

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  2. Tessa says:

    My chiropractor has me on lots of supplements and high doses every day. I wonder what lowering the weekly doses would do since they would be lower if taken every other day.

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    • Thanks for your comment! If your schedule is working for you, then I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re still struggling, you may want to bring up the concept with your chiropractor and see what feedback you get. Because everyone’s needs are so individual, I think it’s important to try out different strategies and see what works best for you : )

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  3. I hadn’t thought that supplements might ‘rush the process’ but it makes sense. Thanks for highlighting this.


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