Vitamin D, gut health, and depression


My journey in recovering from long-term depression has included a lot of different facets: diagnostic testing, listening to my body, doing research, and being open to signs and signals. Today was a great example of all of those components coming together.

I came across a research article about VDR -/- (the vitamin D receptor gene). I happen to know that I have this particular genetic abnormality because I got tested using the 23andme saliva test. The article talked about implications for people who have this genetic issue, and how their gut microbes may be affected because of this.

Coming across this information reminded me that vitamin D is an important part of my very complicated health puzzle, and I would be wise to start paying attention to this again. I feel a pull to start taking my probiotic again regularly. I had gotten out of the habit when I last ran out. It also reminded me that I would probably benefit from getting more sun exposure each day.

This made me think about how no two people who have depression symptoms will be helped by the exact same treatments. I believe a very important part of the journey to healing comes from getting to know your body and what works for you and makes you feel better.

Depression is not a one-size-fits all thing. There’s no one cause and there’s no one solution. Everyone has personalized needs. Some people swear by amino acids or B-6 or magnesium. However,  what worked for one person may not work for another. In fact, it may be detrimental.

The best system I have found is listening to your body and doing some trial and error to see what helps (and what doesn’t).

It can be challenging to sort through all the research and complex medical terminology. This is especially true if you’re not feeling well. But if you go slow and work on one issue at a time, you can start to make some big changes that will benefit your mood and your overall health. 

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