A Move in the Right Direction!

I was thrilled to see this abstract on PubMed today. It makes me hopeful that researchers are turning a corner on the traditional way of thinking about #depression. The title of the paper is:

Dietary recommendations for the prevention of depression

Here’s a snipet from the abstract:

“As current treatments are estimated to address only one-third of the disease burden of depressive disorders, there is a need for new approaches to prevent depression or to delay its progression.”

I couldn’t agree more!

The reason I love papers like this is because it gives “scientific ¬†weight” and validity to what has previously been thought of as “alternative” medicine. A lot of people reject great solutions because they only put their faith and trust in “scientific” assertions.

Now, if researchers would start doing research on amino acids and targeted nutritional therapy, we’d really be headed in the right direction. But for now, this makes me excited and hopeful!


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